Election Day

One of Michigan’s ballot proposals, if passed, would bar convicted felons from holding public office.

First Reaction: That’s a no-brainer, why don’t we do it already?

Second Reaction: Oh wait, who will be left to govern the state?

Of course, the word “convicted” is the qualifier.

Vote today or keep your mouth shut about politics for the next 24 months.

That is all.


Infinity, originally uploaded by Mac Girl.

The other day The Man and I were in South Haven. We made the trip ostensibly to take photos, but when the sky turned to that pre-rain, overcast, crappy solid white that we all know and love, he and I finally had to admit that we really only went down that way as an excuse to get some ice cream at Sherman’s.

We did take some shots downtown, but nothing exceptional. We finally gave up when the rain was obviously imminent, and decided to head over to Sherman’s for our ice cream. As we started to pack our gear back into the car, I noticed a leaf on the rooftop and decided to snap a quick macro with my Sigma 70-300mm.

It was a throw-away shot. A curiosity. A gut feeling. Something that I did just to please myself. And, like so many of these “throw-away” shots have done in the past, it took off when I posted it to Flickr.

I was just looking at my “30 Most Interesting” set on Flickr and I noticed that 25 of those – my most popular shots by far – were spur-of-the-moment shots that I didn’t think about, I just went with that gut feeling.

Remember to go with your gut feeling once or twice the next time you shoot. My hunch is that you will be pleasantly surprised with the results!