Saying Goodbye

Tickling The Plastics

This is The Man’s best friend, and my dear friend of 23 years, Bryan. He passed away after a heart attack last Saturday at the painfully young age of 41. To say that he will be sorely missed is a gross understatement. He was a good man, a talented man, a funny man. He was a father, husband, son, brother, and a friend so close to our hearts that half the time he and The Man simply referred to each other as “brother.”

Practically Brothers

To say that he touched many lives is also an understatement – it took a full hour and a half past the scheduled 2-hour visitation at the funeral home last night for the line of mourners to finish filing past his casket to pay their respects. He was that kind of guy.

This morning we’re supposed to say goodbye, but I can’t imagine life without him in the picture…