50D, The Man, And Me

Wow. Seriously. That’s the only word that I can form sometimes when I’m seeing what this lovely new machine can do. Just… wow.

Fall Arrives

We’re both going a bit retro right now too. I pulled out the old Nikon 4004s (a wedding prezzie from The Man back in the day) and we managed to dig up a couple of rolls of color 400 film so he took it out for a walk. No word on the photos yet, but we’re going to get them done at Walgreens so that we can have that negative-to-digital thing done.

$1 A Shot

It should be interesting to see how well the shots come out. I had to laugh — I took a photo with the 4004s and immediately pulled it away from my face to check the preview on the back. Problem is, film cameras don’t have a digital preview screen. New habits die hard.


We met the Flickrs for a photowalk around Robinette’s the other day, the usual suspects were there. You know, there really is nothing like Robinette’s in the Autumn. Sure, they sell pies and doughnuts all year long, but I swear to The Maker, they taste BETTER in October and November. I swear it. It’s a Great Unexplained Truth.


Have I mentioned how much I love this camera? Have I mentioned how much I love Robinette’s? Oh. Ok then. 🙂

1/2 Peck

Saying Goodbye

Tickling The Plastics

This is The Man’s best friend, and my dear friend of 23 years, Bryan. He passed away after a heart attack last Saturday at the painfully young age of 41. To say that he will be sorely missed is a gross understatement. He was a good man, a talented man, a funny man. He was a father, husband, son, brother, and a friend so close to our hearts that half the time he and The Man simply referred to each other as “brother.”

Practically Brothers

To say that he touched many lives is also an understatement – it took a full hour and a half past the scheduled 2-hour visitation at the funeral home last night for the line of mourners to finish filing past his casket to pay their respects. He was that kind of guy.

This morning we’re supposed to say goodbye, but I can’t imagine life without him in the picture…


He’s Entitled!

Hang around my photo stream long enough and you’ll notice a core group of people that I’m always interacting with in the comments. I like to refer to them collectively as The Flickr Peeps. Sure, we all share a love of photography, that’s obvious, but most of us have a pretty twisted sense of humor as well.

Of our group my buddy Jim (a.k.a. A Different Perspective) has probably got THE most well-devloped knack for funny photo titles. I was very happy to learn today that he’s been recognized for his often hilarious titles by the administrators of the Entitled photo group.

Congratulations, Jim! It couldn’t have happened to a funnier guy. (And I mean that in the nicest way!!) 🙂

Link: Spotlighting A Different Perspective!

"Elements Adds Style" – Andy Ihnatko, Chicago Sun-Times

My thoughts exactly…

If I say “Henri Cartier-Bresson,” and you immediately think “Stoutish fellow jumping over a big puddle,” you’re the sort of high-minded photographer who needs to pop $650 for Photoshop. The remaining 99.98% of you will be more than adequately served by Photoshop Elements, which will run you only $99.