50D, The Man, And Me

Wow. Seriously. That’s the only word that I can form sometimes when I’m seeing what this lovely new machine can do. Just… wow.

Fall Arrives

We’re both going a bit retro right now too. I pulled out the old Nikon 4004s (a wedding prezzie from The Man back in the day) and we managed to dig up a couple of rolls of color 400 film so he took it out for a walk. No word on the photos yet, but we’re going to get them done at Walgreens so that we can have that negative-to-digital thing done.

$1 A Shot

It should be interesting to see how well the shots come out. I had to laugh — I took a photo with the 4004s and immediately pulled it away from my face to check the preview on the back. Problem is, film cameras don’t have a digital preview screen. New habits die hard.


We met the Flickrs for a photowalk around Robinette’s the other day, the usual suspects were there. You know, there really is nothing like Robinette’s in the Autumn. Sure, they sell pies and doughnuts all year long, but I swear to The Maker, they taste BETTER in October and November. I swear it. It’s a Great Unexplained Truth.


Have I mentioned how much I love this camera? Have I mentioned how much I love Robinette’s? Oh. Ok then. 🙂

1/2 Peck

Labor Day In Eastown


The Man and I met up with a few of the GR Flickrs for brunch today. We meant to meet at Kava House for coffee, then walk. Funny how so many coffee shops were closed for the holiday… including Kava House. D’oh! That’s fine though, because we ended up down the street at the Brandywine Restaurant. Mmmm, bagels…


After brunch we did a walkabout in Eastown, finally ending up quite by chance at the Beerhorst house. The Beerhorsts are an über-talented family of artisans who just happen to live in one of the coolest houses in Eastown. Mr. Beerhorst was very kind and invited all eight of us to prowl the premises for photos, and did we ever!


They have a lovely, productive garden in the back of the house, along with a small shed/studio and a few chickens. The studio is two levels with a lovely drawing and painting room upstairs, and a more functional work area on the ground level.


The family has an art show and sale at the house every Autumn and I’ve always wanted to go but never had the time. I think this year I must make the time.

After the Beerhorst house we rambled back to the Brandywine via some Eastown back streets, where I managed to pick up this lovely shot of a well decorated, aging blue garage.

Blue Wall I

What a great day! It was wonderful meeting up with Yolanda, Terry, Katie and the rest of the gang again after so long. We had a great meal together, a wonderful walk, and some refreshing conversation. Oh, and photos too! I hope I can make it to another meetup soon!


We Come In Peace! Take Us To Your Leader!


Ecto Test Post 1

I’m sitting here playing with the latest version of Ecto.

One of the juicy new features is the ability to seamlessly pull a posted photo from my own photo stream and plug it into the blog post in any one of three sizes either by order of my entire stream, from one of my sets, from one of my contact’s streams, from one of the groups that I belong to, or by tag from the whole Flickrverse. Pretty cool. Size choices are:


Floater 3


Floater 3


Floater 3

Sweet! Effortlessly sweet.

Hmm. I’d better stick with “medium” from now on. 🙂


Infinity, originally uploaded by Mac Girl.

The other day The Man and I were in South Haven. We made the trip ostensibly to take photos, but when the sky turned to that pre-rain, overcast, crappy solid white that we all know and love, he and I finally had to admit that we really only went down that way as an excuse to get some ice cream at Sherman’s.

We did take some shots downtown, but nothing exceptional. We finally gave up when the rain was obviously imminent, and decided to head over to Sherman’s for our ice cream. As we started to pack our gear back into the car, I noticed a leaf on the rooftop and decided to snap a quick macro with my Sigma 70-300mm.

It was a throw-away shot. A curiosity. A gut feeling. Something that I did just to please myself. And, like so many of these “throw-away” shots have done in the past, it took off when I posted it to Flickr.

I was just looking at my “30 Most Interesting” set on Flickr and I noticed that 25 of those – my most popular shots by far – were spur-of-the-moment shots that I didn’t think about, I just went with that gut feeling.

Remember to go with your gut feeling once or twice the next time you shoot. My hunch is that you will be pleasantly surprised with the results!

My So-Called Life

Day Break

Originally uploaded by Mac Girl

It’s been an adventure this year, it truly has. I’ve flown around the world, visited another country, started this here blog with my favourite kiwi, traveled to the great city of Philadelphia for the (AND had my first cheesesteak at Geno’s), taken my first foray into professional photography, seen 28 movies since April 20th (yes, I’ve finally racked up the points but I’m still waiting for my invite)… and lost my job.

Like I said, an adventure.

The job thing though… I know it should bother me – and it did for a few days – but now I truly think it was a blessing in disguise. Anyway, I’m taking it as such, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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