Rock Star!

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Well, I did it! I got the photos printed, matted, framed, and priced and I got them onto the walls at Gathering Grounds. That all happened last week, and to tell the truth I was glad when it was over. You’d be surprised how much stress something like this creates… especially the first time, when you feel like you don’t know anything. This is a shot of me with two of the images that I put up for sale. (Too bad about the boobs, isn’t it? Gravity sucks and old age just magnifies the problem…)

The best part about the whole deal was the mini Flickr meetup that we had there on Sunday. They said it was in honor of my show, and that’s cool. The reason I showed up was to hang out with all of them for a while. And I gotta tell ya, we had a blast! (see the my photo stream for photographic documentation of what happens when you take three of the cutest little kids on the planet and give them sugar. I’m just sayin’

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Anyway, today I’m feeling like a ROCK STAR! Why? Because the coffee shop called this afternoon and I SOLD A PHOTOGRAPH!!!! Before you start yelling “WELL DUH KATIE!” I have to say in all honesty that I didn’t expect to sell a single one. No, really. You see, I take photos for me. I shoot objects and angles that I like, and never in my wildest dreams have I expected someone else – a stranger no less – to like my work so much that they would lay down cold hard American dollars for it.

It’s a good feeling!